1. What is Spotlight ?

- Spotlight is a section in the app, where you can listen to the best pranks shared by others. You can also share your prank recordings on Spotlight, however it will feature under this section after approval.

2. What are sound emoticons ?

- When you call someone and want to acknowledge with emotions, you can use sound emoticons like clapping, booing, kissing, coughing, etc. to make the call interesting.

3. Can I record my own sound emoticon and upload ?

- Magic Call does not allow uploading sounds directly to the app by users. However, you can share it with us on our feedback page and we will upload that for you.

4. Can I share the recorded call on social media ?

- Yes, you can share your prank recordings on social media.

5. Is call recording default or can I choose it as an option ?

- Call recording is optional and not a default feature. You can switch it ON at any point of time.

6. Can I end the call before the prank call gets over ?

- Yes, you can end the call at any point of time.

7. Is Magic Call legal ?

- Magic Call is absolutely legal if used for fun and pulling someone’s leg. Please read our legal policy page.

8. Is it legal to use call voice changer ?

- It is legal to use a voice changer or voice morphing if not used for illegal activities such as threatening or harassing etc.

9. Is it legal to hide your caller identity ?

- Hiding your caller identity is allowed for only fun purpose and not for defrauding or crime.

10. Can I make international calls using Magic Call app?

- No, Magic Call app does not allow international calls.