What does Magic Call – The Ultimate Voice Changer App do?

Magic Call app is fun right at your fingertips.

Magic Call App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bng.magiccall&hl=en

It is basically a voice changer on call app that lets you change your voice in real time i.e. when the call is ongoing. Using this app a guy can talk in female voice & vice-versa over the phone. You can sound funny on call by talking in cartoon voice or kid voice. The app is a great tool to make funny calls to friends & family.

So cool, right?

Well, this is just one of the features of the app. There is more in store for you. The Magic Call app has ‘Backgrounds’ as well. Here is how you can use the background sounds on call:

For Example – You are away from your beloved on your anniversary & but still, you want to make the day memorable for your love. All you have to do is choose the ‘romantic’ ambiance & enjoy a date with your love on call.

There are many other backgrounds like airport, funny, etc. in the app.

Another awesome feature in the app is ‘Sound Emojis’ that you can play in between the call like kisses, claps, etc.

With so many amazing features the Magic Call app stands out as a voice changer on call & can be used for making funny calls to friends, amp; family.

It is your go-to thing when you are getting bored & unwilling to spend big bucks on socializing. Instead, you can spend less & still have fun. That too without any company. Calling through this app is literally very cheap. You even get FREE credits (calling minutes) on first-time registration.

To know more, download Magic Call app right away & experience the fun yourself.

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