RJ Naved’s 4 Best Prank Calls Ever (DON’T MISS the 3rd one)

In India, the phrase ‘prank calls’ is synonymous with one name Dilli ka Don, RJ Naved. He has always managed to make us laugh through his funny prank calls on Radio Mirchi Murga. Be it a common man in India or a Bollywood celebrity, many have fallen prey to his mischievous phone pranks. Here are some of his most hilarious fake call pranks that will leave you ROFL.

1. Yummy Mummy Prank Call by RJ Naved | Mummy ka boyfriend Fake Call | Mirchi Murga

RJ Naved fools a guy by pretending to be his (the guy’s) girlfriend’s mother and talks about her boyfriends on the call.

The prank has three characters. A guy, his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s mother. The prank starts when the girl surprises the boy by bringing over her mom on the call. This leaves the guy startled, but he manages to politely start the conversation with his girlfriend’s mother. To his shock, his girlfriend’s mother starts talking about her boyfriends. He still somehow continues the conversation but his girlfriend’s mother keeps interrupting in between with explicit details like the tattoo on her thigh. It is towards the end of the prank that RJ Naved reveals his identity and tells the guy that a prank is being played on him.

2. Biwi Ho Toh Aisi Prank Call by RJ Naved | The Wife Fake Call | Mirchi Murga

A wife takes RJ Naved’s help to prank her husband by lying that she has cancelled her plans of going to her mother’s place. This one is a classic shocker for the husband.

RJ Naved makes a fake call to a guy at the request of his (guy’s) wife. The wife who is going to her mother’s place for 10 days wishes to prank her husband by telling him that she has cancelled her plan. The poor husband is left speechless at the sudden change in the plan. Watch the video to listen to the hilarious responses the husband gives.

3. Do Not Park Here Prank Call by RJ Naved | Gaadi ki Lag Gayi Fake Call | Mirchi Murga

RJ Naved pranks a guy for parking his car in a no parking zone.

RJ Naved calls a guy and asks him if he has parked the car in front of a residential building. As soon as the guy gives his affirmation, RJ Naved asks his subordinate to break the glass. Upon hearing the sound of the glass of his car breaking the guy gets furious and starts abusing. He stops abusing only when RJ Naved reveals his identity.

4. Formal Informal Prank by RJ Naved | Sharmaiye Nahi, Khul ke boliye Fake Call | Mirchi MurgaPrank Call

RJ Naved pranks a fan.

A female fan gets a call from RJ Naved. This time he is not pretending to be anyone. The girl is surprised to receive a call from her favorite radio jockey, but then she collects herself and start talking to him. She insists him to not be so formal on call. To this request RJ Naved starts talking in a hilarious Haryanvi tone, leaving the girl startled. She then disconnects the call.



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