Top 3 prank call ideas (2018) to use when making prank calls using Magic Call – The Best Voice Changer for Prank Calls

Making prank calls is one of the most fun activities people commonly indulge in when they are bored and want to amuse themselves. To make a prank call you need a cool voice changer app, prank call ideas and a person to prank. When it comes to prank apps, the best choice could be Magic Call – Ultimate Voice Changer on Call. The app is packed with all the features of a good prank app, and it is available for both Android and iOS users. When it comes to picking up people you want to prank, it can be a random choice. Lastly, what you need are some great prank call ideas. Here are top 3 prank call ideas that you would surely want to try at least once:

Prank Call Idea 1 – The Homewrecker (Girl calls her best friend’s wife)

Prankster (The Girl): *In seductive voice*Hey Shawn! Are we meeting today for dinner?
Prankee (Friend’s Wife – Ana): Hello, who is this?
Prankster (The Girl): I am sorry. I called Shawn. Who are you?
Prankee (Friend’s Wife – Ana): *aggressive tone* I am his wife! Who are you?
Prankster (The Girl): No one. Ok bye.
Prankee (Friend’s Wife – Ana): No wait! Don’t hang up. What were you saying about dinner today?
Prankster (The Girl): Shawn would kill me if I tell you anything. Sorry, can’t tell you anything.
Prankee (Friend’s Wife – Ana): You better tell me b**ch.
Prankster (The Girl): I ain’t no b**ch. Ana, this is Sherry! Was just messing with you. I am in town for two days. Want to meet you & Shawn for dinner tonight. So, what do you say?
Prankee (Friend’s Wife – Ana): *Laughing* You caught me Sherry!

Prank Call to Best Friend's Wife

Prank Call Idea 2 – Subway sandwich or subway train control (Call a subway outlet number and talk to them as you would to a subway train control)

Prankster: Hi! I had one request. I missed my train, can you please tell me when the next train is?
Prankee: Sorry, we are Subway, the fast food restaurant. We do not handle transportation emergencies.
Prankster: But I called subway! Please, it is urgent can you help me?
Please help me get the next train or I will lose the track of my child, who boarded the last train accidently *Crying*
Prankee: Sir, how I told you we are a restaurant, can’t help in this matter.
Prankster: You are such an insensitive person *emotional & angry*. God will punish you for being heartless. I feel like spitting on you shit soul.
Prankee: *angry* watch your words you a****le
Prankster: *Laughing*
Prankee: What?
Prankster: Oh wait! My daughter is here. She was in the loo. Sorry for bothering you. *Hangs up*

Subway (The Restaurant) & Subway Train Prank Call

Prank Call Idea 3 – Women Complaint Cell Prank Call (Call women complaint cell in male voice)

Prankee: Hello! This is women complaint cell. Who is this?
Prankster: Hi! I want to lodge a complaint against my wife. She beats me a lot.
Prankee: Sorry sir, we only entertain complaints from women.
Prankster: So? I am a human being too. I need help.
Prankee: I’m sorry. We are a women complaint cell and not general complaint cell.
Prankster: That is so sexist! Are you even human?
Prankee: Sir, for the last time. This a women complaint cell. We don’t serve the complaints from men.
Prankster: You are such a horrible, horrible person. Just like my wife.
Prankee: Ok, enough! I am done here. *hangs up*

Woman makes prank call to woman complaint cell in male voice

One thing you need to keep in mind whenever you make a prank call to someone is that you don’t become a menace for anyone. Thus, choose the person you want to prank carefully so that you don’t end up offending the victim. It is better to keep the pranks light-hearted & funny.

Do try the prank call ideas listed above & share some more ideas in the comments below.
Happy Magic calling!!


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