Best Prank Call Android App Of 2018

MagicCall – Best Voice Changer for Prank Calls

With the advancement of technology, the demand for on-the-go sources of entertainment has also risen. The most common source of entertainment available today is the mobile apps. One such mobile app that has its monopoly in the entertainment genre is the prank app called the Magic Call. It is the ultimate voice changer on call, which lets you experience real-time voice change. Using Magic Call app, you can add a dramatic flair to your online fake calls & make them even funnier. This voice changer and prank calling app hold in a variety of exclusive features, which makes it the best prank app of 2018.

Let’s explore Magic Call – Best Prank Call Android App of 2018

  1. Voice Options for Prank Call – The app has multiple voice-changing options. You can test and preview your voice before calling. The app also displays new and updated voices on special occasions like Christmas, Eid, New Year etc. Some of the voices that you can choose in this voice changer app are kid, robot, king, male, female, celebrity and cartoon. Using these voices you can make funny calls to friends, for g., you can make a fake call in Santa’s voice during Christmas and wish all your loved ones. Just imagine, how thrilling it would be for them to receive wishes from Santa.
  2. Background Sounds on Real-time Calls – This incredible prank calling app has got a real delight. It is also possible to add magical backgrounds in order to make your prank call dramatic. Magic Call app has a variety of ambiances, which you can use while making a call. Some of the backgrounds that top the list are traffic, club, James Bond, airport, romantic, birthday and football. Using these background sounds you can make funny calls to anyone. For example –  you can call your boss using the traffic background and inform about your late-coming to the office. Your boss would hear the traffic noise in the background & might buy your excuse.
  3. Sound Emoticons on Prank Call – Another significant feature of this app is the sound emoticons. Unlike regular emojis, sound emoticons make a boring conversation even funnier. Sounds like kiss, claps, fart and many more are shown as small icons on the calling screen. You can select & change these sound effects at any time during your call. For example – you can play kiss sound emojis during the call to impress your beloved or use fart emoticons to make the calls funny.
  4. Social Sharing of Prank Call Recordings- Using Magic Call app you can not only make a funny prank call but also share it on social media. After the call has ended, you can download and share the recorded clip with friends & family. Once you start sharing your recordings, you would want to share more and more, out of the sheer excitement of spreading your funny calls across the social media. By sharing your recordings, you can make people laugh and spread happiness.

How to use Magic Call – The Best Voice Changer for Prank Call

  • Choose a voice from the list. Example – Girl voice/ Female voice, male voice, celebrity’s voice/ kid voice, Robot’s voice and many other voices.
  • Select the backgrounds, if you want to add so.
  • Select a contact or dial a number.
  • Start your Magic Call

Once the prank call is connected, the voice changer will convert your voice into the respective voice. Thereafter, you can have fun listening to your friend’s hilarious responses and reactions. Today, this app is rated four stars on Google play store and has crossed 1.5 million subscribers. It will not be wrong to say, this app has earned a good user base in Google play store across the world and it continues to do so.

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