5 Easy April Fool Prank Call Ideas for Fooling Friends (2018)

Do you want to put the monotony of life on hold and have some old school fun? All you need is a smartphone. Yes, you read that right. Ever tried making a prank call to someone? Playing a phone prank is the easiest and cheapest way to have fun. You can make a prank call when you are bored with work and need a breaks. Or, when you are stuck in the never-ending traffic and have nothing else to do. Even sitting in your cab waiting to reach your destination is the perfect time to amuse yourself by making a fake call to a friend. Making a prank call is the easiest way to have a moment of fun. And, with technology at our service it has become even more effortless. There are multiple prank calling apps available today for both android and iPhone users. These apps are built with features like voice change, hide number, etc. Using a prank calling app that lets you hide your identity, you can talk to friends in a different voices. However, there is one thing that is still not a part of these apps and that is the Prank Call Ideas. A good prank idea is the most basic thing required when prank calling someone. In fact, it is the most important thing required to make the fake call fun and interesting. But worry not, you can easily make your first best prank call. Here are some funny prank call ideas along with a prank call script for each idea:

  1. Call & ‘Pretend like they called you

Sample Prank Call Script 1

Prankster: Hello!

The Person Getting Pranked: Hello

Prankster: Who are you?

The Person Getting Pranked: Who are you?

Prankster: No, you called me, so you tell me.

The Person Getting Pranked: OMG, you are such a liar. Wait, is it a prank?

Prankster: I don’t have time to waste on people like you. Stop bothering me.

Prankster: Hangs up

  1. Call & ‘Repeat whatever they say’

Sample Prank Call Script 2

Prankster: Hello!

The Person Getting Pranked: Who is this?

Prankster: Who is this?

The Person Getting Pranked: Who do you want to speak to?

Prankster: Who do you want to speak to?

The Person Getting Pranked: Why are you repeating everything I am saying?

Prankster: Why are you repeating everything I am saying?

The Person Getting Pranked: *Laughs* and says ‘I am an idiot’

Prankster: Yes, you are! *Hang Up*

  1. Call & ‘Tell them that they ordered food worth Rs. 5000 or 10000’

Sample Prank Call Script 3

Prankster: Hello!

Prankster: I am calling from PizzaPal. Your pizza order is out for delivery. Please keep an amount of Rs. 5000 ready for payment.

Prankster: *Tell your friend his/her address (She/he will be shocked)*

Prankster: The delivery guy will be reaching at the given address in 5 min. Please keep the payment ready.

Prankster: Have a good day! *Hang Up*

  1. Call Customer Care & Pretend that you can’t hear them

Sample Prank Call Script 4

The Person Getting Pranked: Hello! This is *Say any name*. How may I help you?

Prankster: Hey. My laptop is not shutting down. Can you help me?

The Person Getting Pranked: Sure. May I know your name please?

Prankster: Sorry, What?

The Person Getting Pranked: Your name please.

Prankster: Your what?

The Person Getting Pranked: I need to know your name before proceeding further.

Prankster: I am unable to understand you. Can you repeat yourself?

The Person Getting Pranked: Never Mind

Prankster: What? What are you asking? *Hangs Up*

  1. Call & ‘be angry at the person for calling your girlfriend’

Sample Prank Call Script 5

Prankster:  Hello! Have you been calling my girlfriend?

Prankster: Tell me, why have you been calling my girlfriend?

Prankster: You have been calling her at midnight from past three days

Prankster: WTF man, I am not crazy. I have your number in my girlfriend’s phone.

Prankster: I beating you up if you call her again.

Prankster: Hang upss

Now that you have prank ideas all you need is an awesome prank app. Try, the Magic Call app. It has a superb voice changer that lets you change your voice to that of a male, female, kid, etc. And the icing on the cake is that you can make a call and talk in a different voice. Enjoy!






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